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Q: If the Republican primary election for Governor were held today, which of the following candidates would you vote for: James Comer, Hal Heiner, Will Scott, or Matt Bevin?

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  • Kentucky Governor Poll

    RunSwitch PR and Harper Polling survey of the Kentucky Governor election. Three sets of results were released-- one for each party's primary and a general election sample.

  • North Carolina Senate Poll

    Thom Tillis has crept ahead of Kay Hagan in the closing days of the campaign. However, the race remains exceedingly close. The candidates have comparable image ratings, and the flow of campaign information shows that neither candidate has truly gained control of the race.

  • New York CD-21 Poll 10/27-10/28

    With less than a week remaining until Election Day, Republican Elise Stefanik has extended her 8% September lead over Democrat Aaron Woolf to 14% (47-33%).

  • Pennsylvania Governor Poll- 10/26-10/27

    As the race for Governor of Pennsylvania draws to a close, Democratic challenger Tom Wolf leads incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett by 10% (50-40%).

  • South Dakota Senate Poll

    Former Republican Governor Mike Rounds leads Democrat Rick Weiland 37-33% with Independent candidate Larry Pressler in third place at 23%.