• York County, Pennsylvania Poll

    Home to two of the state's most high profile politicians, York County is the new hub of political activity in Pennsylvania...

  • Louisiana Governor Poll

    In a look at the race for Governor in Louisiana, we find Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican David Vitter leading the field.

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll- Republican Primary September 2015

    Our survey of GOP primary voters finds Trump and Carson leading on the Presidential primary ballot.

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll- Democratic Primary September 2015

    Joe Sestak leads Katie McGinty on the Democratic primary Senate ballot.

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll- September 2015

    Our September survey including a look at the 2016 Senate race and the Pennsylvania budget impasse.

  • American Action Network Minnesota CD 8 Poll

    Our survey of likely voters in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District finds voter opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

  • Our Commonwealth Poll 2015

    The 2015 Our Commonwealth Poll featuring fairs, scrapple, and the ubiquitous convenience stores.

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Democratic Primary Poll- 5/6-5/7

    Former Congressman and 2010 Senate candidate Joe Sestak leads Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro on a hypothetical Democratic Primary ballot for Senate 2016.

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll- 5/6-5/7/2015

    Our statewide Pennsylvania poll including questions on the 2016 Senate race, Governor Wolf's tax plan, and Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

  • Pennsylvania Governor Poll- 10/26-10/27

    As the race for Governor of Pennsylvania draws to a close, Democratic challenger Tom Wolf leads incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett by 10% (50-40%).

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll- 9/2-9/3

    Pennsylvania statewide gubernatorial poll. Including the gubernatorial ballot, approval for Wolf's tax plan, credibility of Corbett's answer to criticism of his education cuts, and how PA feels about the medicaid expansion.

  • Our Commonwealth Poll 2014

    Harper Polling's annual survey of Pennsylvania's people, places and culture, including: Most Respected University, Favorite Convenience Store, Favorite Amusement Park, Best Beer, Greatest Pennsylvanian, and the age old question: Table or Booth?

  • Pennsylvania Year-End Poll 2013

    Top Story of 2013, Senate in '16: Kane & Sestak, Digging deeper on Obamacare, the PA Transportation bill, State Lottery privatization, Minimum Wage, Paycheck Protection, Business vs. Labor, Favorite NFL team, and familial relations between Steelers and Eagles fans

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll

    Democratic & Republican Governor '14 Primaries, Medicaid Expansion, Most Respected Former PA Politician, Sandusky Prosecution, Marcellus Shale, Lottery Privatization

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll

    Governor Corbett's lawsuit against the NCAA. The Biggest PA Story of 2012. Messaging Pension Reform. The Andy Reid Firing. The Battle of PA Convenience Stores.

  • Conservative Intel / Harper Polling NEW JERSEY

    Kean & Codey lead their respective primaries for a Menendez open Senate seat, Christie's CPAC snub plays well at home, Christie's coattails looming large for the GOP, Opinions of Hurricane Sandy recovery, NJ's favorite football and baseball teams

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