• Pennsylvania Statewide Democratic Primary Poll- 5/6-5/7

    Former Congressman and 2010 Senate candidate Joe Sestak leads Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro on a hypothetical Democratic Primary ballot for Senate 2016.

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll- 5/6-5/7/2015

    Our statewide Pennsylvania poll including questions on the 2016 Senate race, Governor Wolf's tax plan, and Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll- 9/2-9/3

    Pennsylvania statewide gubernatorial poll. Including the gubernatorial ballot, approval for Wolf's tax plan, credibility of Corbett's answer to criticism of his education cuts, and how PA feels about the medicaid expansion.

  • Our Commonwealth Poll

    Harper Polling's annual survey of Pennsylvania's people, places and culture, including: Most Respected University, Favorite Convenience Store, Favorite Amusement Park, Best Beer, Greatest Pennsylvanian, and the age old question: Table or Booth?

  • Pennsylvania Year-End Poll 2013

    Top Story of 2013, Senate in '16: Kane & Sestak, Digging deeper on Obamacare, the PA Transportation bill, State Lottery privatization, Minimum Wage, Paycheck Protection, Business vs. Labor, Favorite NFL team, and familial relations between Steelers and Eagles fans

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll

    Democratic & Republican Governor '14 Primaries, Medicaid Expansion, Most Respected Former PA Politician, Sandusky Prosecution, Marcellus Shale, Lottery Privatization

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Poll

    Governor Corbett's lawsuit against the NCAA. The Biggest PA Story of 2012. Messaging Pension Reform. The Andy Reid Firing. The Battle of PA Convenience Stores.

  • Nevada Statewide Poll

    In a hypothetical matchup for U.S. Senate in 2016, Governor Sandoval leads Senator Harry Reid by 10% (53-43%).

  • Arizona Republican Primary Election Poll-July 16-17

    Our latest poll on behalf of Veterans for a Strong America shows Doug Ducey leading Christine Jones 23-21%.

  • Arizona Republican Primary Election Poll-July 28-29

    Latest poll of the Arizona Republican Primary Election shows Doug Ducey extending his lead to 11% in the Gubernatorial race.

  • Michigan Senate Poll

    The race for Senate in Michigan has moved into a virtual tie with Democratic Congressman Gary Peters leading former Republican Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land 45-44%.

  • Arizona Republican Primary Election Poll-August 12-14

    Doug Ducey continues to lead in the Arizona Republican Gubernatorial primary. He now leads his closest opponent (Smith) 32-21%.

  • New York CD-1 General Election Poll

    Incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop is in a dead heat with challenger Lee Zeldin in the race for New York’s 1st Congressional District.

  • New York CD-21 General Election Poll

    In the race to replace retiring Democratic Congressman Bill Owens in New York’s 21st Congressional District, Republican Elise Stefanik leads Democrat Aaron Woolf 45-37%.

  • West Virginia CD-3 General Election Poll

    With less than four weeks to go, Republican challenger Evan Jenkins has opened up a 6-point lead on Congressman Nick Rahall, outside the survey’s margin of error.

  • South Dakota Senate Poll

    Former Republican Governor Mike Rounds leads Democrat Rick Weiland 37-33% with Independent candidate Larry Pressler in third place at 23%.

  • Pennsylvania Governor Poll- 10/26-10/27

    As the race for Governor of Pennsylvania draws to a close, Democratic challenger Tom Wolf leads incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett by 10% (50-40%).

  • New York CD-21 Poll 10/27-10/28

    With less than a week remaining until Election Day, Republican Elise Stefanik has extended her 8% September lead over Democrat Aaron Woolf to 14% (47-33%).

  • North Carolina Senate Poll

    Thom Tillis has crept ahead of Kay Hagan in the closing days of the campaign. However, the race remains exceedingly close. The candidates have comparable image ratings, and the flow of campaign information shows that neither candidate has truly gained control of the race.

  • Kentucky Governor Poll

    RunSwitch PR and Harper Polling survey of the Kentucky Governor election. Three sets of results were released-- one for each party's primary and a general election sample.

  • West Virginia Governor Poll: General Election

    In a series of hypothetical West Virginia Governor General election match-ups, our survey found Senator Joe Manchin leading all three potential Republican nominees.

  • West Virginia Governor Poll: Republican Primary

    In an early look at the West Virginia Governor Republican primary race, Congressman David McKinley leads Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and President of the State Senate Bill Cole.

  • West Virginia Governor Poll: Democratic Primary

    Should he decide to run, Senator Joe Manchin would hold a commanding lead in the Democratic primary race for Governor in West Virginia.

  • North Carolina Senate Poll

    Our survey of likely voters in North Carolina on behalf of American Crossroads finds Republican Senator Richard Burr in a solid position against two potential Democratic challengers heading into the 2016 election.

  • Mississippi Senate GOP Primary Poll

    As Election Day approaches, there is reason for hope and fear with both campaigns in the Mississippi Senate Republican primary election.

  • New York CD-21 GOP Primary Poll

    Former Bush White House aide Elise Stefanik leads by 45-37% over investment banker and 2012 GOP nominee Matt Doheny in the race for the Republican nomination in New York’s 21st congressional district.

  • Arizona Republican Primary Election Poll- June 25-26

    In the Arizona Gubernatorial Primary, Doug Ducey leads the pack with 33% of the vote. 22% of voters remain undecided.

  • Illinois CD-10 General Election Poll

    In a rematch from 2012, Congressman Brad Schneider is locked in a margin-of-error race with challenger Bob Dold, who leads Schneider 42-39%. Dold receives 79% of the Republican vote and 12% of the Democratic vote compared to Schneider who receives 74% support from Democrats and 9% from Republicans. Dold leads 34-32% among independents.

  • Pennsylvania Governor Democratic Primary Poll

    With a week to go, Tom Wolf continues to hold a comfortable lead in the Democratic primary election for Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. However, what is significant about the poll results is how the Wolf campaign continues to control the flow of information in the race

  • Arkansas Senate Poll

    Cotton and Pryor are tied on a two-way ballot, but Democrats lead Republicans 35-32% on a generic Senate ballot.

  • Montana Senate Poll

    Republicans lead Democrats 38-37% on the generic Senate ballot, while Congressman Steve Daines holds a lead over both Walsh and Bohlinger.

  • Iowa Senate GOP Primary Poll

    In the Iowa Republican primary race for Senate, Joni Ernst holds a 10% lead over her nearest competitor, Mark Jacobs. Ernst's ballot strength is underscored by an image rating of 54% favorable-to-11% unfavorable.

  • Michigan Senate Poll

    Republicans now lead on the generic ballot for Senate, 44-41%. Republican Terry Lynn Land leads Democrat Gary Peters by 3%.

  • Louisiana Senate Poll

    Senator Landrieu continues to hold a 5% lead in the primary, but now trails Congressman Bill Cassidy by 4% on a two-way ballot test.

  • Colorado Senate Poll

    Senator Mark Udall leads Republican Cory Gardner 45-43%, but Republicans lead 47-43% on the generic ballot for Senate.

  • Mississippi Senate Republican Primary Poll Results

    Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran continues to lead his Republican primary challenger Chris McDaniel. Cochran leads McDaniel 52-35%, a net +7% gain for McDaniel since mid-December when we found Cochran leading 54-31%. The ideological construct of the race has shifted favorably for McDaniel. In December, Cochran and McDaniel were tied at 43-43% among tea party voters. Now, McDaniel leads 53-35% among tea party voters.

  • Colorado Poll: Senate Race, Medicare, Obamacare

    Republicans hold a 47-42% advantage on the generic ballot for Senate among Colorado likely voters. Eighty-seven percent of self-identified conservative voters prefer the Republican candidate and an identical 87% of liberal voters prefer the Democratic candidate. Independents prefer the Republican 41-33%. Senator Mark Udall leads Congressman Cory Gardner 45-44%. The gender gap is balanced with Udall leading by 4% among women (47-43%) and Gardner leading by 4% among men (46-42%). Independents favor Gardner 41-35%.

  • Oregon Poll: Too close for comfort

    Democrats hold a 3% lead over Republicans on the generic ballot for United States Senate, 45-42%. Senator Jeff Merkley holds leads of 7% and 12% over his respective challengers, Jason Conger and Monica Wheby. In the race for Governor, Democratic incumbent John Kitzhaber holds a narrow 3% lead over Republican challenger Dennis Richardson, 46-43%.

  • Montana Senate Poll

    Republicans lead 37-36% on the generic Senate ballot, while Congressman Steve Daines holds a lead over all potential Democratic opponents

  • New Hampshire Senate Poll

    Republicans lead 36-32% on the generic ballot for Senate, but Senator Shaheen leads former Senator Scott Brown by 5%

  • Arkansas Senate Poll

    Republicans lead 35-34% on the generic ballot for Senate, while Congressman Tom Cotton leads Senator Pryor 42-36%

  • Virginia Statewide Poll

    Republicans hold a 4% advantage over Democrats on the generic ballot for Senate. However, Democratic Senator Mark Warner leads Republican Ed Gillespie 44-38%. Medicare Advantage heats up as a 2014 campaign issue.

  • Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Poll: Wolf goes from worst to first

    There are two recent events in the Democratic primary race for Governor: former Auditor General Jack Wagner announced his candidacy as the only hopeful from the Southwest region and York businessman Tom Wolf launched a multimillion dollar advertising campaign across the state, including the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh media markets. While the talk has been about Wagner’s potential for geographic advantage, the real impact in the race has been Wolf’s spending. In fact, it has given form to a race that to this point has been filled with candidates who lack name identification beyond niche constituencies.

  • Michigan Statewide Poll

    Democrats lead 42-41% on the generic ballot for Senate, but Republican Terri Lynn Land leads Democrat Gary Peters by 5%

  • Louisiana Senate Poll

    Senator Landrieu holds a 13% lead in the primary, but trails Congressman Bill Cassidy by 1% on a two-way ballot test

  • North Carolina Senate Poll

    Democrats lead 44-43% on the generic ballot for Senate, while Senator Hagan and Speaker Thom Tillis are tied at 44-44%

  • Alaska Senate Poll

    Senator Begich trails Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell and former Attorney General Dan Sullivan

  • Oklahoma Primary Poll: Lankford leads by 36%

    In the race for the Republican nomination to fill the seat of Senator Tom Coburn, Congressman James Lankford leads by 36%. Lankford’s strong advantage is driven by his popularity in the Oklahoma City media market where he leads House Speaker T.W. Shannon 77-9%. In the other large media market of Tulsa, Shannon trails by just 3%.

  • Michigan Poll: Independents lift Land to early lead

    Two key factors are driving Republicans’ best hope at winning a U.S. Senate seat since Spencer Abraham defeated Bob Carr in 1994. First, former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land starts the election year with a 13% name identification advantage over Congressman Gary Peters as well as an overall more favorable image with voters.

  • Mississippi Republican Primary Poll: Cochran leads by 23%

    Our survey shows Republican Senator Thad Cochran with a 23% lead over challenger Chris McDaniel and a net +42% image among Republican primary voters. However, the survey also reveals peril for Cochran if the race becomes defined as a contest between the establishment Republican Party candidate and the tea party candidate.

  • Iowa Poll: Christie leads Clinton, Obamacare looms large in Senate race

    Amid alarming disapproval of President Obama’s job performance and his health care law, Republicans hold a 4% lead on the generic Senate ballot in Iowa. President Obama’s net -21% job approval is nearly identical to the net -20% approval of Obamacare. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the only one of five Republican contenders to lead former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (43-38%) in Iowa.

  • PAGov Democratic Primary Poll: The race takes shape

    The geographic and ideological contours of the Democratic primary race for Governor are beginning to take shape. Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz enjoys both a name identification advantage and a 7% lead over her nearest competitor, Katie McGinty.

  • South Carolina 2016 Democratic Primary Poll: Clinton up big

    In a preview of the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads Vice President Joe Biden 64%-21%. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo nabs 2% of the vote.

  • South Carolina GOP Primary Poll: Graham & Christie lead

    Senator Lindsey Graham leads a field of potential Republican challengers by a wide margin, with 51% of the vote. The next closest challenger tops out at 15%. Looking ahead to the 2016 South Carolina Presidential Primary, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie holds a small lead over a field of six contenders.

  • South Carolina Poll: Graham & Haley show early leads

    With 2014 shaping up as a big year in South Carolina politics, Harper's statewide poll on behalf of Conservative Intel shows the Republican incumbents with early leads. Senator Lindsey Graham is out in front of Democrat Jay Stamper by 17% (47%-30%) and Governor Nikki Haley leads Democrat Vincent Sheheen by 9% (48%-39%).

  • New Jersey Senate Special Election Poll: Booker cruising to victory

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker appears headed for a sizable victory tomorrow in New Jersey’s Special Election to fill the Senate seat of the late Frank Lautenberg. Booker’s impending victory is fueled by leads of 20% or more among Moderate voters and voters in the New York and Philadelphia media markets. Booker’s net +12% image with voters is stellar, though his wide lead is largely a function of voters’ negative perception of Republican Steve Lonegan (net -7% image).

  • POLITICO Poll: Shutdown boosts McAuliffe in Virginia

    A new Harper Polling/Public Policy Polling survey, conducted on behalf of Politico, finds Terry McAuliffe with his largest lead yet in either company’s polling. McAuliffe now has a 9 point advantage, getting 44% to 35% for Ken Cuccinelli and 12% for Libertarian Robert Sarvis.

  • Pennsylvania CD-9 GOP Primary Poll: Shuster leads by 51%

    The poll shows little vulnerability for Pennsylvania Congressman Bill Shuster in what is being billed as one of the nation’s top tea party primary challenges to a sitting Republican incumbent. Shuster draws 62% of the Republican primary vote against Art Halvorson and Travis Schooley, who garner 11% and 5% respectively.

  • Virginia Governor: McAuliffe 42%, Cuccinelli 37%, Sarvis 10%

    Our survey shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli 42%-37% in a race that is being heavily impacted by Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis, who is polling at 10%. As a Libertarian, the assumption that Sarvis is siphoning votes from Republican Cuccinelli is only partly true. Sarvis’ support on the ballot comes from 4% of Democrats, 7% of Republicans and 18% of independent or third party voters, some of whom are undoubtedly Libertarians.

  • South Dakota Senate GOP Primary Poll: Rounds in command

    Former Governor Mike Rounds would begin a race against three lesser-known candidates with 58% of the vote and a 72% positive image among South Dakota Republicans.

  • South Dakota Senate Poll: Rounds leads Weiland 52%-38%

    The open seat of Democratic Senator Tim Johnson is rated one of the two most likely to flip control in the 2014 midterm elections. Our survey finds Republicans holding a significant 46%-36% lead on the generic ballot. Former Republican Governor Mike Rounds starts the race with a sizable 52%-38% lead over Rick Weiland, a former aide to Senator Tom Daschle.

  • Michigan GOP Poll: Land leads for Senate, Gov. Snyder popularity at 72%

    Former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land holds a sizable advantage in the Republican primary election for the U.S. Senate. The survey tested both a 4-way and 2-way primary ballot. In the 4-way matchup, Land leads Holland Mayor Kurt Dysktra 45%-16%. Rob Steele, University of Michigan Regent, and Kim Small, Oakland County District Judge, received 4% and 2% respectively.

  • Louisiana Poll: Landrieu vs. Cassidy & Duck Dynasty

    Congressman Bill Cassidy pulls slightly ahead of Senator Mary Landrieu in the race for Senate, Senator David Vitter leads New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu in a hypothetical match up for Governor in 2015, and Uncle Si is Louisiana's favorite Robertson Family Member from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty.

  • Wyoming Senate Primary: Enzi starts with a big lead over Cheney

    Senator Mike Enzi begins a primary campaign against Liz Cheney with a substantial lead of 55%-21%...We caution that these numbers do not rule out a Cheney victory. What the poll does makes abundantly clear is that she is going to have to prosecute a vigorous case against the sitting Senator. Because the jury is skeptical at the outset that a change of representation in the Senate is needed.

  • Arkansas Senate Poll: Cotton leads Pryor 43%-41%

    Senator Mark Pryor faces difficult odds in his bid for reelection against Republican Congressman Tom Cotton: Pryor’s image rating is upside down (38% favorable, 40% unfavorable). Pryor trails Cotton on the ballot 41%-43%. President Obama job approval stands at 28% approve, 62% disapprove. Arkansas voters overwhelmingly believe that Pryor votes with President Obama’s agenda (53% votes for Obama’s policies, 17% votes against Obama’s policies)

  • PA Poll: State Budget & Corbett Reelection

    The results of three poll questions illustrate the challenges Governor Tom Corbett faces in pursuit of reelection. The baseline number for any generic Republican candidate running for Governor is 40% at this stage. Governor Corbett has the support of 24% of the electorate who believe he deserves reelection. A gubernatorial campaign that becomes a referendum on the direction of Pennsylvania’s economy under Governor Corbett would yield 29% of voters who believe it is “getting better.”

  • Massachusetts Senate Special Election Test

    Harper Polling conducted an experiment intended to shed light on a topic of much debate among political pollsters: Who do you call? Is your call file composed of registered voters or voters with a predetermined vote history?

  • Massachusetts Senate Special Election Poll

    Democratic Congressman Ed Markey holds a formidable 12% lead over Republican Gabriel Gomez in the race to succeed Secretary of State John Kerry. However, there are clear signs of opportunity for Gomez.

  • Nebraska Senate: GOP in strong position

    In the race to succeed retiring Senator Mike Johanns, Republicans hold a considerable advantage over Democrats. Fifty percent of likely voters in Nebraska prefer to be represented by a Republican in the U.S. Senate; 30% prefer a Democrat. Men opt for the Republican by 27% (52%-25%). Among women, the Republicans’ lead drops to 13% (48%-35%).

  • Minnesota Governor: Voters prefer "someone else" to Dayton

    On behalf of Minnesota Jobs Coalition, Harper Polling conducted a survey of likely voters in Minnesota. Looking ahead to next year’s gubernatorial campaign, 41% of Minnesota voters say Governor Mark Dayton deserves reelection. Forty-seven percent would prefer to give someone else a chance.

  • Alaska Senate Primary: Palin Leads

    Former Governor Sarah Palin leads a Republican primary ballot with the three most likely candidates: Palin, Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell and 2010 GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller. Palin leads slightly among both men and women at +1% and +4% respectively. Among voters who describe themselves as “very conservative”, Palin’s lead grows to 20% over Treadwell (43%-23%).

  • Montana Senate: National issues threaten Schweitzer's small lead

    As expected, former Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer holds an early 4% lead over his nearest competitor in the race to fill the seat of retiring Senator Max Baucus. That's where the good news ends for Schweitzer...

  • Conservative Intel National Tracking Poll

    Generic Congressional Ballot, Obama Job Approval, Immigration, Gay Marriage, North Korea, Stimulus, Social Security

  • Louisiana Senate: Landrieu holds narrow lead over Cassidy

    GOP Senate Primary: Cassidy leads Roemer by 24%, Landrieu leads Cassidy 46-41%, 38% see Landrieu as 'moderate', Only 9% say she votes 'against her party leaders', Why Landrieu remains opposed to gay marriage and Obamacare...

  • February National Tracking Poll for Conservative Intel

    Who wins the Sequestration fight? Is Obama more of a friend or foe toward Israel? Who controls Washington: Obama or GOP? SOTU Proposals: Pre-K & Minimum Wage

  • Conservative Intel - Harper Poll: ALASKA

    Palin trails Parnell in GOP Senate Primary. Gov. Parnell leads Sen. Begich in head-to-head matchup. All other Republicans trail Begich.

  • Conservative Intel - Harper Poll: IOWA

    Iowa Caucus Goers: Hillary way ahead with 63% / Iowa Republicans: Rubio 27%, Ryan 18% / The race for Harkin's Senate seat is wide open

  • WV Senate: Capito Up Big

    Capito leads Rahall 50%-32%. Obama job approval at 34%-59%. Generic Congressional Ballot: GOP 45% to Dem 36%

  • WV Senate Primaries: Capito & Rahall in Command

    Capito leads McKinley 71%-15%. Rahall bests the field of Democrats with 38%.

  • Conservative Intel / Harper Polling NEW JERSEY

    Kean & Codey lead their respective primaries for a Menendez open Senate seat, Christie's CPAC snub plays well at home, Christie's coattails looming large for the GOP, Opinions of Hurricane Sandy recovery, NJ's favorite football and baseball teams

  • Conservative Intel / Harper Polling Michigan Poll

    GOP Senate primary is wide open. Granholm is the clear frontrunner on the Democratic side with 58%. However, Granholm's -3% image ratings make her a problematic general election candidate.

  • National Poll of Republicans

    The Norquist No-New-Taxes Pledge. Is Compromise a Dirty Word? Clinton Era Tax Rates. A 2016 GOP Primary Ballot. The Media's Treatment of Romney.

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