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Pennsylvania Governor Democratic Primary

Q.  In the Democratic primary election for Governor, which of the following Democrats would you most likely support: John Hanger, Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, Allyson Schwartz, Jack Wagner or Tom Wolf?            

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  • Mississippi Senate Republican Primary Poll Results

    Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran continues to lead his Republican primary challenger Chris McDaniel. Cochran leads McDaniel 52-35%, a net +7% gain for McDaniel since mid-December when we found Cochran leading 54-31%. The ideological construct of the race has shifted favorably for McDaniel. In December, Cochran and McDaniel were tied at 43-43% among tea party voters. Now, McDaniel leads 53-35% among tea party voters.

  • Oregon Poll: Too close for comfort

    Democrats hold a 3% lead over Republicans on the generic ballot for United States Senate, 45-42%. Senator Jeff Merkley holds leads of 7% and 12% over his respective challengers, Jason Conger and Monica Wheby. In the race for Governor, Democratic incumbent John Kitzhaber holds a narrow 3% lead over Republican challenger Dennis Richardson, 46-43%.

  • Colorado Poll: Senate Race, Medicare, Obamacare

    Republicans hold a 47-42% advantage on the generic ballot for Senate among Colorado likely voters. Eighty-seven percent of self-identified conservative voters prefer the Republican candidate and an identical 87% of liberal voters prefer the Democratic candidate. Independents prefer the Republican 41-33%. Senator Mark Udall leads Congressman Cory Gardner 45-44%. The gender gap is balanced with Udall leading by 4% among women (47-43%) and Gardner leading by 4% among men (46-42%). Independents favor Gardner 41-35%.

  • Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Poll: Wolf goes from worst to first

    There are two recent events in the Democratic primary race for Governor: former Auditor General Jack Wagner announced his candidacy as the only hopeful from the Southwest region and York businessman Tom Wolf launched a multimillion dollar advertising campaign across the state, including the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh media markets. While the talk has been about Wagner’s potential for geographic advantage, the real impact in the race has been Wolf’s spending. In fact, it has given form to a race that to this point has been filled with candidates who lack name identification beyond niche constituencies.

  • Virginia Statewide Poll

    Republicans hold a 4% advantage over Democrats on the generic ballot for Senate. However, Democratic Senator Mark Warner leads Republican Ed Gillespie 44-38%. Medicare Advantage heats up as a 2014 campaign issue.


  • The Clarion-Ledger - New poll: Cochran up, McDaniel gaining

    The new poll shows Cochran leading McDaniel 52 percent to 35 percent. This is a 7-point gain for McDaniel from December, when it was 54-31 percent. Harper says the “ideological construct” of the race has shifted favorably for McDaniel, but the challenger has lost some ground in favorability.
     By Geoff Pender
     On April 11, 2014
  • Politico Pulse - WHO’S TO BLAME FOR OREGON?

    Oracle, the contractor that put the state’s failed exchange together, according to 40 percent of respondents in a survey from the GOP firm Harper Polling. The second most popular answer was Obamacare, which 22 percent blamed for the website’s meltdown.
     By Paige Winfield Cunningham
     On April 11, 2014
  • Roll Call - Ratings Change: Colorado Senate

    Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall never had intimidating poll numbers this cycle, but uncertainty about the GOP primary raised questions about the seriousness of the Republican threat to him. But all that changed when Republican Rep. Cory Gardner decided to run for the Senate in Colorado.
     By Nathan Gonzales
     On April 11, 2014