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New York CD-21 Republican Primary Poll

Q: If the Republican primary election for Congress were held today, who would you vote for: Matt Doheny or Elise Stefanik?

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  • Our Commonwealth Poll

    Harper Polling's annual survey of Pennsylvania's people, places and culture, including: Most Respected University, Favorite Convenience Store, Favorite Amusement Park, Best Beer, Greatest Pennsylvanian, and the age old question: Table or Booth?

  • Illinois CD-10 General Election Poll

    In a rematch from 2012, Congressman Brad Schneider is locked in a margin-of-error race with challenger Bob Dold, who leads Schneider 42-39%. Dold receives 79% of the Republican vote and 12% of the Democratic vote compared to Schneider who receives 74% support from Democrats and 9% from Republicans. Dold leads 34-32% among independents.

  • Arizona Republican Primary Election Poll

    In the Arizona Gubernatorial Primary, Doug Ducey leads the pack with 33% of the vote. 22% of voters remain undecided.

  • Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Poll: Wolf goes from worst to first

    There are two recent events in the Democratic primary race for Governor: former Auditor General Jack Wagner announced his candidacy as the only hopeful from the Southwest region and York businessman Tom Wolf launched a multimillion dollar advertising campaign across the state, including the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh media markets. While the talk has been about Wagner’s potential for geographic advantage, the real impact in the race has been Wolf’s spending. In fact, it has given form to a race that to this point has been filled with candidates who lack name identification beyond niche constituencies.

  • Colorado Senate Poll

    Senator Mark Udall leads Republican Cory Gardner 45-43%, but Republicans lead 47-43% on the generic ballot for Senate.